Some thoughts on brand loyalty


They say brand loyalty is formed when you are a growing up, and I would agree with that sentiment

The saturation of modern day life means we are submitted to somewhere between 300-700 marketing messages per day. This bombardment historically came in the form of conventional printed adverts, billboards and posters. Digital marketing has overtaken traditional spend as the world becomes increasing digitised.

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My agency interviewed me about my role


The role of “Designer” is a constantly shifting and increasingly difficult title to define as new research, trends, and tools are emerging every day

So what does it mean to be considered a Designer by trade, and what skills does it require for one to keep up in today’s fast-paced digital world? demoMedia’s Creative Director, Iain Reid, sheds some light on just some of what his role entails and shares his perspective on what the future holds for the design industry.

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Royal Air Force Museum


RAF Hendon via Hampstead Heath

I had planned to spend the second May Bank Holiday at Richmond Park, although thanks to Engineering works, TFL had me looking for an alternative. Given our proximity to Hampstead Heath, it was chosen as the replacement. The weather was questionable, alternating between overcast and overcast with slightly sunny spells, but at least it was warm and not raining.

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HMS Belfast


Bank Holiday History Lesson

On the May Bank Holiday myself and Millie decided to take a trip to the Thames to see HMS Belfast. The light Cruiser has been permanently moored on the Thames next to the Tower of London since 1971. It is part of the Imperial War Museum, and given my love of history, I’m surprised it has taken me so long to visit, given I have been residing in London for 5 years now.

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